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FDA Warns Two Firms about Monensin Contamination in Horse Feed

FDA has issued warning letters to two feed mills that mixed horse feed containing monensin, an animal drug that is toxic and potentially lethal to horses. This should be a reminder to all feed manufacturers making medicated feeds that they must remain vigilant about adhering to CGMP requirements....

Food Safety Modernization Act and Animal Food

This page highlights FSMA content that will be of most interest to manufacturers and distributors of animal food....

Resources for Animal Food Producers in Flooded Areas of Gulf Coast

As Hurricane Michael makes landfall along the Florida Gulf Coast, FDAs Center for Veterinary Medicine reminds those who may be affected by weather events about resources available for animal food producers who may be harvesting, mixing, storing or distributing grains and other foods for animals....

Federal Register Notices

Federal Register notices issued by the Center for Veterinary Medicine....

Medicated Feeds

An approved medicated feed mill license is required for facilities that manufacture feed using certain medicated articles/drugs....

FDA Announces FY 2019 Animal Drug User Fee Rates for ADUFA and AGDUFA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced in the Federal Register today the fiscal year 2019 rates and payment procedures for animal drugs subject to user fees under the Animal Drug User Fee Amendments of 2018 (ADUFA IV) and Animal Generic Drug User Fee Amendments of 2018 (AGDUFA III)....

SKU-10041-6 Adequan Equine Intra-Articular I.A 250 mg/mL 6 x 1ml by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals from Allivet  sku

Adequan Equine Intra-Articular I.A 250 mg/mL 6 x 1ml by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals - 10041-6 by Adequan

Item description: This Meds Horse Joint product is by Adequan - Adequan Equine Intra-Articular I.A 250 mg/mL 6 x 1ml... Learn More

Manufacturer: Adequan

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Category: Horse Joint


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