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How To move a single fish from quarantine?

Ok, so I am currently somewhere around 2 weeks of copper quarantine for possible ich. The problem I am having is that I do not think my scooter blenny is going to survive in this tank for much longer. I do not think he is eating. If possible, I hope to keep the other fish in quarantine for a while longer, but I am wondering how risky it would be to move this Blenny back to the dt after right around 2 weeks of cupramine The other question, how would I safely do it The dt was completely clea...

Sick Angel

Hi. I have a seven year old angel. Last week I noticed the angel loosing its color. It was swimming like it was eating food on the top of the tank. I took a water test and found nothing wrong. I did my normal 7 gal. water change. This is a 30 gal tank. The tank mates are a pleco that is 7 years old,another angel that is 7 years old and 6 small fish. The tank has a canister and hang on back filter. The next two days it was swimming sideways. Than it was lying on the bottom. I thought it w...

Semi-outside tank -- Commercial Cannister, DIY, of HOB?

Aloha!My 55 gal tiki tank housing my rescue African cichlids is ready for a real filter. The 2x HOBs are fine, but one is overcomplicated and the other is slated for a new tank going up.I have been looking at canister filters, but I am wondering if these will survive being outside on our covered lanai. The weather never drops below freezing here in Hawaii, but I am subject to the occasional flooded lanai and horizontal rain as well as the fact I am a mile from the beach and its salt air. I ha...

Starting Over After Ich

Hi! My husband and I started a new 55 gallon fish and invert saltwater tank with sand substrate and probably 15lbs or so of live rock. We tried to research and set things up right from the beginning, but sometimes you dont know what you dont know until it is too late....which is why we are dealing with a very destructive bought of ich. All the fish are now quarantined in two 10 gallon tanks. They were dipped in freshwater first for 2 minutes and then placed in the QT tanks. So far we have l...

New Tank help

Use to be an old time cichlid enthusiast, and looking to get back into the hobby. I am looking to get a 150-200 gallon tank set up with new world cichlids. Most likely firemouths as the main event as this was my one of my first cichlids as a kid. I was looking to see if anyone had any advice on a filtration set up on tank that size, and what they would recommend. I have a finished basement and the tank will be going in there, but this is be relatively close by to my TV area, so I was hoping ...

guppies not doing well!!

I have a planted gravel substrate 16 gallon tank currently stocked with 7 male guppies and a juvenile ancistrus pleco, filtered with an aquaclear 30. I have had the tank set up with the current stoking since September. Several weeks ago, one of my guppies became thin and weak so he couldnt swim against the current from the filter and would rest in the plants and I euthanized him with clove oil. About a week later another guppy became weak and started swimming irradically, in like a spiral. I eut...