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A Farewell to the District

Itís truly amazing how quickly six weeks goes by in a city like DC. As I write this, trying to think of how to structure a summary of so many diverse experiences, all of the names and faces Iíve come across keep flashing through my mind. I met congressmen from around the country, both of […]...

An Adventure to the Library

One of the many benefits to an externship on The Hill is just being in Washington, DC. Now, Iíve visited most of the museums and art galleries in previous trips to Washington, and Iíve seen all of the monuments on the National Mall innumerable times, so one of my main personal goals for this trip […]...

The Resistance is Coming

Some of the best experiences afforded to us as Externs on the Hill are completely spontaneous. As I looked at my twitter feed two weeks ago, I noticed a posting by the USDA advertising a live-stream for an upcoming conference on the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS). As I looked into the event, I […]...

Pride for Michigan

These past two weeks, I finally had the opportunity to meet with my senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters. Senators certainly have their hands full with their constituents, taking on their entire state rather than the smaller portions that the house members represent. This can make finding time to meet with them considerably, and understandably, […]...

Now say it five times fast

The Extern on the Hill program is multifaceted. During our brief stint in DC, part of the externship is to network and meet many veterinarians and scientists in the area, which I touched on in a previous blog post. Another aspect that we spend a significant amount of time on is meeting with congressmen and […]...

Itís not what you knowÖ

Weíve all heard the phrase ďItís not what you know, but who you know.Ē I canít imagine a city where this phrase holds true more than Washington, D.C. I heard an adage related to this saying this past week that goes ďItís not what you know, but who you know, and not necessarily who you […]...