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Marley a.k.a Little Bit is a male neutered 1 year old beautiful Black Labrador Retriever who was given as a gift to a family that was in no way prepared for what was about to happen.

At first Marley was tiny, cuddly, sweet, soft, and wooed his way into every ones heart with oodles of puppy breath and little kisses, but the peace and serenity was short lived. In no time at all, Marley grew into a big ball of high energy, and typical of his breed, Marley soon came to resemble an out of control Union Pacific locomotive. Click below to see pictures of Marley/Little Bit and read more....

Kris is a large young male Labrador Retriever German Shepherd mix who wondered right through the front door of a hospital in Arkadelphia Arkansas on Christmas day looking for some Christmas Cheer.

Everywhere Kris wandered that Christmas day, he would have been able to smell Christmas dinner wafting through the air, and by now he was probably more than just a little hungry for some turkey and dressing. Lucky for Kris, a kind Samaritan at the hospital decided to help, especially since Kris didnt have any health insurance. Click below to see pictures of Kris and read more....

Mandy is a beautiful little female Shepherd mix pup with a dazzling personality.

If something is going on, Mandy is right there checking it out. If nothing particularly interesting is happening, Mandy will make something interesting out of thin air. Its hard to be around her for more than a minute or two without laughing....

Toby is a baby Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix puppy who was found alone and crying for food and water as a stray.

Toby ended up at the Little Rock Dog Pound where, like many of the animals, they had little chance of getting adopted or making it out of the shelter without becoming sick. Toby was so young when first found he had to be put with a nursing mother....

Molly is a charming 2 year old female mix breed.

Molly was found starving in a ditch. It took her rescuer two days to catch her. At first scared and cautious, Molly had to learn to trust people again. She has come a long way and has become a wonderful little dog....

Cinnamon is an extremely sweet and friendly Catahoula Leopard Dog, Cattle dog mix, who loves everyone she meets.

Cinnamon was found running down the middle of Cantrell Road in Little Rock, Arkansas around lunch time trying to get someones attention. She was probably dumped at Allsop Park right before Christmas....

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