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Just for Fun -- Of Christmas Trees & Guppies

Aloha All,Just a quick and hopefully funny story as we wind down the Holiday Season...We keep our Christmas tree outside on our lanai. When the season passed and we stripped the house, I lifted the tree up to get it ready for recycling. Suddenly, one of the kids cried, "Dad! There are guppies in the Christmas tree stand!" Sure enough, a half dozen or so little guppies were circling about in the water. Best guess is that someone watered the tree with water from our pond and forgot ...

Swim bladder

Hi. I bought 5 Bleeding Heart/Koi angles. all were fine for 6 months. 3 developed swim bladder and died. I check my water and all is well. I am wondering if the inner breeding could cause this disease All fish came from the same breeder....


Hi: I purchased 2 months ago a trio of swordtails. Beautiful fish from a breeder. The 2 females where pregnant. I put them in a tank separate from the male. One female dropped fry after a week. But after that no babies. The tank has floating plants as well as other planted ones. To have more babies should I put the male in With guppies the female only needs to be pregnant once to produce a few batch of babies. Are swords like this Thanks ...

3 Gallon Planted shrimp tank

Hello and happy New Years to everyone! Iím starting a journal on my 3 gallon shrimp tank. SubstrateI decided to go with fluorite. I have never tried it but with further investigation on the forum reading fellow hobbyists past experiences who know far more then I do, I decided that people have the most success with it in my opinion. I thought it was gonna be hard to clean but I had no trouble at all with it.HardscapeI bought a nice little piece of drift wood that doesnít fill up the tank on purpo...

Yes, Some of My Aquariums are Fine

OK, I noted I have been the man with all the problems of late, so I felt obligated to share SOME good stuff, too!First, is my little 10 gal tank, home to 12 neon tetras and a 13 year old Cryptocryne sp. This aquarium has been in service since 2004, though the fish species have varied over the years:The other tank is a slow re-build. We knocked it down a few years back during a period of major housing renovations, and we brought it back slowly, starting with our African cichlid rescue a couple ...

3 gallon shrimp tank

Good evening,So I am setting up a 5 gallon cherry shrimp tank because I miss shrimp and Iíll be able to take it with me to college after I finish tech school for the Air Force. The question is planting ideas. Iím not sure what I want plant wise. Could someone point me in the right direction for an online plants. I want a few easy kept plants that would look nice in a square aquarium. I plan to get a couple of pieces of wood. I was thinking about but wanted to bring it up here first. Could I get ...

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