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  • Assorted Platies

    Assorted Platies
    Platies are a peaceful community fish that come in a large range of colors and fin variations. The colors vary from red, blue, rainbow, black, Mickey Mouse, tux...(more)

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  • Bala Shark, X-Small

    Bala Shark, X-Small
    The Bala Shark is distinct in its appearance with a shiny silver body and yellow and black dorsal and caudal fins. Although this species is called a Bala Shark,...(more)

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  • Redtail Shark, X-Small

    Redtail Shark, X-Small
    The Redtail Shark is primarily a deep black color with a brilliantly contrasted red tail and white tip on the dorsal fin. These hardy and curious fish add perso...(more)

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  • Albino Rainbow Shark, X-Small

    Albino Rainbow Shark, X-Small
    The Albino Rainbow Shark is primarily pink in color with bold red fins and eyes. This particular shark does best as the only shark with similarly sized fish in ...(more)

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  • Rainbow Shark, X-Small

    Rainbow Shark, X-Small
    Approx. size 1.5-2.5;. The term shark is applied to many unrelated fish with a similar body shape. The Rainbow Shark is primarily a dark grayish black with bold...(more)

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  • Red Swordtail, X-Small

    Red Swordtail, X-Small
    The most active of the common livebearers, swordtails hold their own with other community fish. Males have the long sword extending from the bottom of their tai...(more)

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